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QBPC Office


To better serve members, the QBPC set up its own office in 2007 which now has 7 staff members. The QBPC Office provides support and service to the QBPC Steering Council, Working Committees, IWGs, Taskeforces and member companies.

Sherry Hu
Head of QBPC Office
Tel: (8610) 6515 8871

Elaine Zhang
Member Service Manager
Tel: (8610) 6515 8872-810

Hailie Shen
PR Specialist
Tel:(8610) 6515 8872-806

Lilian Liu
Event  Supervisor
Tel: 8610 65158872-807
E-mail :

Yii Wan
Event Coordinator
Tel: 8610 65158872-801
E-mail :

Lai Yana
Legal Specialist
Tel:(8610) 6515 8872-803

Yu Jie
Admin Manager
Tel:(8610) 6515 8872-804

Judy Zhou
Admin Specialist
Tel: 8610 65158872-802
E-mail :