Member Benefits Overview

The Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (hereafter referred to as QBPC) has three types of Membership, namely General Membership, Voting Membership and Observer. The rights and interests of the aforementioned membership are summarized as follows:


Intensifying Communication and Cooperation with IPR Enforcement and Judicial Authorities at all Levels via the Effective Communication Platform Established by QBPC

Gathering and Exerting Group Power of its Members and Turning Solo Fight into Industrial Alliance in Combating Counterfeit

Participating in Improvement of IPR-related Laws and Regulations and Providing Solid Legal Support for Enhancing IPR Protection

Focusing on Member-concerned Key Regions and Communicating and Collaborating with Trans-border Law Enforcement Authorities to Find a New Way in Battling Counterfeits

Appraising Best IPR Protection Cases, Sharing Experiences on Major Cases, Encouraging Members to Solve Material and Typical Cases, in order to Upgrade the Level of Overall Protection

Participating in IWG Activities, Focusing on Common Problems of the Industry, Reporting Common Appeals, Coping with Common Challenges, and Seeking Common Solutions

Participating in Law Enforcement Trainings, Communication and Publicity Campaigns to Identify Priorities, Provide Accurate Information and Assist Law Enforcement Authorities in Precisely Combating Counterfeit and Infringement

Participating in Customs Trainings, Communication and Interaction to Strengthen Battling against Cross-border IPR-related Crimes and Control the Global Spread of Counterfeit and Infringement

Sharing with Other Members the Expertise and Experience in IPR Creation, Utilization, Management and Protection to Build up the Professional Abilities of Members and Practitioners

Improving Members’ Brand Image and Highlighting Members’ Social Responsibility through QBPC Media Channels

A New Member Shall Have Priority to Attend or Speak at A QBPC Event within Six Months after Joining the QBPC.

Equal Rights with Voting Members to Run for Most Positions including QBPC Vice Chairs, Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs to Better Serve for Members. 

Electing Service Team Members for Contribution to QBPC's Development. 


Under this membership level, members are entitled to all of the above General Member benefits as well as the following: 

Priority Access to High Level Meetings 

Access to Steering Council Meetings 

Information Exchange 

Electing QBPC Annual Best-Practice Cases 

To oversee Day-to-day Operations of QBPC

Priority Opportunity to Run for QBPC Chair and QBPC Vice Chairs Position 


According to the Steering Council's decision made in May 2016, domestic companies and associations are entitled to join the QBPC as Observers that shall enjoy the same rights as the QBPC General Members except the voting right and the right to be nominated/elected as Leadership.