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QBPC Donated 200,000 RMB of Epidemic Prevention Materials to Wuhan

Create Time:2020-02-20

Recently, Quality Brand Protection Committee (“QBPC”) of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment donated 300 protective full-body gears, 3500 goggles and 57500 surgical gloves to Wuhan Xiehe Hospital Western Campus, Zhongnan Hospital, Tongji Hospital, some total 17 designated coronavirus fighting hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions serving more than 10 million people in Wuhan.

The campaign against coronavirus has reached a critical stage. Medical supplies of all sorts are in great shortage. News from the front line have it that medical workers often had to care for patients without even enough protections for themselves. Hearing news like this, at the suggestion of Vice Chair Jack Chang and with the support of Chair Michael Ding and the Steering Council, QBPC went into the action mode. With helps from our members, we were able to locate and purchase these much-needed medical supplies and sent them to Wuhan as soon as we could. Specifically, our gratitude goes to globally renowned protective gear producer Ansell, material manufacturer Covestro and cleaning product manufacturer SC Johnson. These three companies labored relentlessly in securing the medical supplies and looking for proper purchasing channels. Without your enthusiasm and generosity, there is no telling how many Nightingales would go on fighting without sufficient protections. Many member companies like ABRO, Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Unilever, AkzoNobel and the prospective member Hitachi have also responded to QBPC’s call. Representatives of these companies sacrificed their personal time and helped a great deal in locating medical supplies. QBPC office coordinated the actions of all parties involved and ensured that every piece of the supplies would be in Wuhan as quickly as possible. We here at QBPC, representing all members, just want to say thank you. You made all of these possible.

This outbreak has given us much to reflect. But the reactions from all corners of the globe, so swift and so united, have also given us hope. Vice Chair Steven Wang commented: “When I showed my friends and families in Hubei the photos of the medical supplies QBPC donated, they all said that these were what Hubei needed the most.” LIU Qing from Johnson & Johnson praised: “QBPC’s swift and generous actions make all of us very proud.” WU Tao from Nestlé: “Helping someone out while they are in a jam is always more meaningful than the icing on the cake.” In this cold winter, against the current, a sense of warmth has returned.

In the midst of this disaster, we have nothing to fear. The donations from QBPC may be only a small scene from a much, much larger battle, but it shows nonetheless that as long as we stand together, no difficulties cannot be overcame. There is great strength in numbers.